Pastor's Blog




This Tuesday I finally heard the pathologist report that I have a cancerous lump that needs to be removed on March 20th.  No chemo it looks like, but radiation.  I will miss the Palm/Passion Sunday service but know that it will be in good hands.  My hope is that I can be at the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, the Sunrise Service on Easter, and Easter service at church and the care center.  That is my goal.  The surgeon said take 2 weeks for recovery so we will see how that goes.  God has put peace in my heart and life just keeps moving forward.  Our crazy human bodies do things that we don’t like sometimes.  And that is when we can do our best to follow a path that will get us to healing.  I know I have prayer warriors out there!  And I also know that there are others with far greater needs than myself.

God is with us through it all!